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Kwete - No!
Kwete - No!
JRT Wood
The Veto of Four Percent of the Governed: the Ill-fated Anglo-Rhodesian Settlement Agreement, 1969 - 72
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Work in progress
Dr Wood is engaged in a number of projects which will see fruition over the coming several years.

Roll of Honour
Rhodesian Security Forces in the Bush War, 1965 - 1980
The most complete listing of Rhodesian servicemen killed in action 1965 - 1980. This Roll of Honour is updated whenever new information comes to light and your own knowledge is gratefully received.
Click here to read the Roll of Honour

UDI: A History of the Search for Independence for Rhodesia, 1948-1980

The first product of this project is So Far and No Further! Rhodesia’s Bid for Independence during the Retreat from Empire 1959-1965, published in 2005 by Trafford Publishing.

The second product, A Matter of Weeks Rather Than Months: Sanctions and Aborted Settlements - The Confrontation Between Ian Smith and Harold Wilson, 1965 - 1970, is currently being edited and should be published in 2006.

The third and final book, covering the period 1970 - 1980, is half-written but requires further research.

This is a major and important undertaking for which the University of Durban-Westville provided some start-up finance. After 1999 it has had generous support from a private source. I have secured the crucial support and interest of the former prime minister of Rhodesia, Ian Douglas Smith, and access to his private papers.

I am engaged in research and interviewing in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom I have retained access to the Welensky Papers in the Library of Rhodes House, Oxford. I have consulted these and other papers in Rhodes House, Oxford, as well as those in the Public Record Office, London. I am currently working on public documents such as white papers, Hansards and other published material.

In addition I have interviewed as many of the participants as is possible.

Other projects

In no particular order:
  • Editing: The Correspondence between Dean Acheson and Sir Roy Welensky, 1968-1971.
  • Operation Uric, September 1979: a case-study of a Rhodesian external military operation.
  • A History of the Rhodesian SAS: This history has been commissioned by Lieutenant-Colonel Garth Barrett and the SAS Association of Southern Africa.
  • A History of the Rhodesian insurgency, 1962-1980: A long-term and major project for which I have begun to collect material.
  • British official attitudes to Zimbabwean African Liberation Movements, 1962-1980: This project had the support of the UDW Research Committee which enabled me to travel to the United Kingdom in July 1994 to research in the Public Record Office, Kew, London, and at the Rhodes House Library, Oxford. I was also able to interview a number of important historical figures. Lord Carrington, for example.
  • Operation Dingo: Airborne Assault in Mozambique: 23 - 27 November 1977