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So Far and No Further: Table of Contents
ForewordThe Rt Honourable The Lord Deedes, KBE, MC, PC, DL.3
PreambleThe Roots of the Problem: Rhodesia 1890-1958.5

Part 1: Sir Edgar Whitehead's Pursuit of Dominion Status
Chapter 1Whitehead's Bid for Full Self-Government in 195915
Chapter 2Stalemate with Lord Home: March - July 196028
Chapter 3Whitehead's 'Carrot' and 'Stick': Confrontation with African Nationalism in Southern Rhodesia: July - November 196044
Chapter 4The Step on the Road to Self Government: The Making of the 1961 Constitution: December 1960 - February 196166
Chapter 5The Drafting, Ratification and Enactment of the 1961 Constitution: February-December 196174
Chapter 6The Advent of the Rhodesian Front and the Ousting of Whitehead: December 1961 - December 196295

Part 2: Winston Field's Bid for Independence

Chapter 7The Mortal Wounding of the Federation: December 1962 - March 1963122
Chapter 8Field Plays his Strong Card: March 1963133
Chapter 9Field Doubts the Strength of his Hand: April-June 1963141
Chapter 10Field's Last Attempt to Extract a Guarantee of Independence before the Victoria Falls Conference: June 1963159
Chapter 11The Effort to secure Rhodesian Independence in the Dying Days of the Federation: June-December 1963168
Chapter 12The Lardner-Burke Initiative and the Ousting of Field: January - April 1964190

Part 3: Ian Smith and the Taking of Independence

Chapter 13The Advent of Ian Smith: British Stonewalling on Independence, Exclusion from the Commonwealth and the Oberholzer Murder: April-July 1964209
Chapter 14Last Chance with the Tories: August-October 1964225
Chapter 15Harold Wilson's rejection of the Indaba and the Referendum: October-November 1964241
Chapter 16Trading Shots at Long Range with the Labour Government: November 1964 - January 1965251
Chapter 17Talks at Churchill's Funeral and the Consequent Visit of Bottomley and Gardiner: January-March 1965270
Chapter 18Raising the Ante: Ian Smith's April 1965 General Election, and the British Five Principles: March-April 1965293
Chapter 19Stonewalling Smith: May-July 1965312
Chapter 20A Further Attempt to Delay: the Visit of Cledwyn Hughes: July-August 1965328
Chapter 21The Straw in the Wind: Rhodesia's First Act of Defiance: the Lisbon Appointment : August-September 1965344
Chapter 22Preparations for the Last Throw of the Dice: September 1965359
Chapter 23Fruitless Negotiations with Wilson in London: October 1965367
Chapter 24'Think Again, Prime Minister': Efforts to Avert a Rhodesian Rebellion: October 1965389
Chapter 25Last Negotiations with Wilson in Salisbury in late October 1965411
Chapter 26The Final Days: 31 October - 10 November 1965443
Chapter 27UDI!: 11 November 1965468