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A Matter of Weeks Rather than Months: Table of Contents

Part 1: Outrage and Retribution
Chapter 1Outrage and Immediate Retribution: The Reaction to UDI: 11 November - 13 December 19653
Chapter 2The Stick and the Carrot: Oil Sanctions and the First Tentative Thoughts of Re-establishing Negotiations: December 196532
Chapter 3'Within a matter of weeks rather than months': Surviving the Oil Embargo: January - March 196644
Chapter 4Considering a coup d'état: The visit of Watson during the British general election: March 196662

Part 2: The First Attempt to Settle
Chapter 5Wilson's Second Term: the Joanna V Affair: and the Launching of Phase One of the Second Chimurenga: March-April 196669
Chapter 6Constitutional Stalemate and the 'Battle of Sinoia', the First Clash of the Second Chimurenga: April 196678
Chapter 7Exploration of the Possibilities of a Settlement: the First Round of Talks between Officials: the Viljoen Murders: May 196687
Chapter 8Preparations for the Next Round: May 196698
Chapter 9Going Round 'the Mulberry Bush a Bit More': The Second Round of Talks between Officials: June-July 1966102
Chapter 10'There is nobody in Rhodesia who is capable of working out a sensible new approach in detail.' The Abortive Third Round of Official Negotiations: July-August 1966125
Chapter 11A Stay of Execution: Harold Wilson and the Commonwealth Conference of 6-15 September 1966142
Chapter 12First Contact with a British Minister: Herbert Bowden's Attempt to Settle the Rhodesian Issue: September 1966159
Chapter 13The Tabling of the First British Terms for a Settlement: The Visit of Sir Morrice James, October 1966170
Chapter 14Ian Smith's Reply to the British Terms, October-November 1966187
Chapter 15Herbert Bowden's Second Visit and its Product: 23 November - 1 December 1966210
Chapter 16Stalemate on HMS Tiger: 2-4 December 1966223
Chapter 17The rejection of the Tiger Proposals: 4-5 December 1966243

Part 3: Mandatory Sanctions
Chapter 18'Now grave actions must follow . . .': The Adoption of Mandatory Sanctions and NIBMAR: December 1966254
Chapter 19Fostering Opposition in Rhodesia: The Reconnaissance Mission of Lord Head: 22 December 1966 - 17-21 January 1967276
Chapter 20Taking Charge of Rhodesia's Future: The Appointment of the Whaley Commission: January-February 1967291
Chapter 21Banking on Mandatory Sanctions to Induce Change: February-June 1967300
Chapter 22Further Reconnaissance: The Visit of Lord Alport: June - July 1967322
Chapter 23First Tentative Moves to Re-open the Dialogue: Operation Nickel and Reinforcement by South Africa: August - October 1967347
Chapter 24George Thomson and the Consequences of Operation Nickel on the Anglo-Rhodesian Dialogue: August - October 1967367
Chapter 25The Fruitless First Visit of George Thomson: October - December 1967383
Chapter 26The Visit of Sir Alec Douglas-Home and the De facto Ruling: December 1967 - April 1968407
Chapter 27The Death Sentence Ruling, the Resumption of Hanging, and Operation Cauldron: March-April 1968423
Chapter 28The Whaley Commission Report and the British Move to Tighten Sanctions: April-June 1968447
Chapter 29Steps towards Restarting the Negotiations: The Dismissal of Harper, the Yellow Paper, and the De Jure Court Decision; Operations Griffin, Mansion and Excess, June-July 1968469

Part 4: The Second Attempt to Settle
Chapter 30Clandestine Third Party Negotiations: The Secret Mission of Aitken and Goodman: July - August 1968494
Chapter 31Supping with the Devil: Seeking the Influence of B.J. Vorster: August-September 1968507
Chapter 32The Visit of James Bottomley, and the Decision to Talk aboard HMS Fearless: September - October 1968518
Chapter 33Thwarted aboard HMS Fearless: Wilson's Insistence on the Double Safeguard: October 1968535
Chapter 34The Attempt to Shift Wilson Off the Double Safeguard: October-November 1968556
Chapter 35The Attempt to Salvage the Fearless Agreement: The Visit of George Thomson: November 1968578
Chapter 36Thomson's Return to Rhodesia and Deadlock: 11-19 November 1968598
Chapter 37Marking Time until the Commonwealth Conference: The End of George Thomson's Stewardship: 19 November 1968 - January 1969611
Chapter 38The First Steps Towards Becoming a Republic: 24 January - 20 May 1969629
Chapter 39Winning the 1969 Referendum: The Decision to Become a Republic: May-June 1969652

1. Rhodesia4
2. Operation Pagoda I85
3. Operation Pagoda II129
4. Operation Grampus135
5. Operation Yodel157
6. Operation Vermin208
7. Operations Glamour & Pantechnicon315
8. Operation Husk328
9. Operations Isotope I & II332
10. Operation Isotope II353
11. Operation Nickel: Contact on the Inyantue River357
12. Operation Nickel358
13. Operations Bonfire & Breeze409
14. Operation Cauldron430
15. Operation Cosmic446
16. Operations Cauldron & Glove450
17. Operation Flotilla461
18. Operations Excess, Griffin & Mansion476
19. Operation Griffin480
20. Operation Mansion483
21. Operation Excess490
22. Operation Gravel498
23. Operations Oyster/Lurcher640

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