Work in Progress

I am engaged in a number of projects which will see fruition over the coming several years.

Roll of Honour

Rhodesian Security Forces in the Bush War, 1965 - 1980
The most complete listing of Rhodesian servicemen killed in action 1965 - 1980. This Roll of Honour is updated whenever new information comes to light and your own knowledge is gratefully received.
Rhodesian Roll of Honour

UDI: A History of the Search for Independence for Rhodesia, 1948-1980

This is a major and important undertaking for which the University of Durban-Westville provided some start-up finance. After 1999 it has had generous support from a private source. Additionally I secured the crucial support and interest of the former prime minister of Rhodesia, Ian Douglas Smith, and access to his private papers.

I am engaged in research and interviewing in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom I have retained access to the Welensky Papers in the Library of Rhodes House, Oxford. I have consulted these and other papers in Rhodes House, Oxford, as well as those in the Public Record Office, London. I am currently working on public documents such as white papers, Hansards and other published material.

In addition I have interviewed as many of the participants as is possible.

Publications from this project:

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