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Dr Wood's maps and illustrations have appeared in some 23 publications since the late 1980s. His position as a historian who served in the armed forces of Rhodesia gives him an intimate knowledge of both geographic, political and operational aspects of making maps that are faithful to the historical context.

His portfolio of maps includes illustrations of Rhodesian and South African conflicts as well as general maps covering First World War, Second World War and Korean War campaigns. He owns a comprehensive set of Rhodesian/Zimbabwean survey maps upon which to base maps and illustrations for this theatre.

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Dr Wood's maps and illustrations have appeared in the following publications:

  1. 28 maps in J.R.T. Wood, The War Diaries of André Dennison, Ashanti Publishing Ltd, Gibraltar, 1989.
  2. 1 map in Willem Steenkamp, South Africa's Border War 1966-1989, Ashanti Publishing Ltd, Gibraltar, 1989.
  3. 2 maps in Lieutenant-Colonel Ron Reid-Daly, Survival, Ashanti Publishing Ltd, Rivonia 1990;
  4. 15 maps in James Ambrose Brown, The War of a Hundred Days : Springboks in Somalia and Abyssinia 1940-1941, Ashanti Publishing Ltd, Rivonia, 1990;
  5. 2 maps in Fred Bridgland, War in Angola, Ashanti Publishing Ltd, Rivonia, 1991.
  6. 14 maps in Dermot More & Peter Bagshawe, South Africa's Flying Cheetahs in Korea, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1991;
  7. 14 maps in Gerald L'Ange, Urgent Imperial Service : South African Forces in German South West Africa 1914-1915, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1991
  8. 18 maps in James Ambrose Brown, Retreat to Victory : A Springbok's Diary in North Africa : Gazala to El Alamein, 1942, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1991.
  9. 2 maps in James Ambrose Brown, They Fought for King and Kaiser : South Africa in German East Africa, 1916, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1991.
  10. 2 maps in C.J. Harris, War at Sea : South African Maritime Operations during World War II, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1991.
  11. 9 maps in Jack Kros, The Italian Campaign, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1992.
  12. 4 maps in M. Leigh, Prisoners of War, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1992.
  13. 3 maps in E.C.R. Barker, Pattle, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1992.
  14. 6 maps in J. van der Waals, Portugal's War in Angola, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1992.
  15. 6 maps in James Byrom, Fields of Air, Ashanti Publishing, Rivonia, 1993.
  16. 8 maps in Al J. Venter, The Chopper Boys : Helicopter Warfare in Africa, Southern Book Publishers, Halfway House, 1994.
  17. 2 maps in Ian Douglas Smith, The Great Betrayal : The Memoirs of Ian Douglas Smith, Blake Publishing, London, 1997.
  18. 1 map in Chris Cocks, Fireforce, Covos Publishing, Randburg, 1997.
  19. 2 maps in Appollon Davidson & Irina Filatova, Russians in the Boer War, Human & Rosseau, 1998.
  20. 1 map in Peter Craven, Mapolisa, Gryphon Publishing, 1998.
  21. 3 maps in J.R.T. Wood, 'Counter-Punching on the Mudzi : D Company, 1RAR, on Operation Mardon, 1 November 1976', Small Wars and Insurgencies, Frank Cass & Co, London Vol. 9, No. 1, 1998.
  22. 8 maps in Al J. Venter, War Dog: Fighting Other People's Wars, Casemate, Havertown, 2003.
  23. 3 maps in Peter Petter-Bowyer, Winds of Destruction, Trafford Publishing, Crewe, 2003.
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